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With the continual expansion of the Blockchain and start-ups among governments and enterprises all over the world, it has become essential for business and organizations to provide multilingual content localization for:
• White Papers
• Dapps
• ICOs
• Blockchain projects
• Blockchain video games
• Cryptocurrencies
• Marketing material
• Blog posts
• Web, desktop and mobile apps

Blockchain Translations service helps you to broaden exposure to your key stakeholders by providing a fast and affordable way to translate your key content up to 60 languages.

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The blockchain industry is competitive and success is very often dependent on building trust.
For international markets, it is an important key to communicate with consumers’ language to promote a positive impression of customer service.
Blockchain Translations has the experience to deliver multilingual solutions specific to regulated industries in all commercial languages.

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Every project is managed by experts.
Our team really know their app localization. From the time you order, each project is fully managed from beginning to end by one of our team of professional project managers.

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Our linguists are carefully chosen and tested to ensure that only suitably qualified translators are applied to your projects.
All translators have access to dictionaries and terminologies, ensuring translations are accurate and consistent for any kind of projects.

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Blockchain Translations works on all file types, both PC and Mac, and provides ready to publish files when required.
Translated data can be designed for a wide variety of requests.

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All Blockchain Translations professionals take confidentiality and security issues very seriously.
All the documents will remain confidential.